Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dad - Update

Dad had another day at the hospital.  Sort of a strategy session and test results.  Where things are at now, the cancer is no longer responding to the hormone therapy, this is called Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer - (HRPC).  An occurrence in the advanced stages of Advanced Prostate Cancer with Bone Metastasis.

Prior radiation treatments were given months ago in attempts to shrink the tumor and reverse or slow down the cancer cell growth.  This did not work.

Hormone therapy then follows.  This has since failed to work.

With Dad's one shoulder being fractured, and they other shoulder showing signs of weakening, in addition to his broken rib and just general all-over pain in the bones, the doctors have decided that they will do further radiation - this time to ease the pain dad is experiencing.

Because dad is now in HRPC,  in addition to making him comfortable with the radiation, dad will also be starting Chemotherapy with Prednisone (A Steroid).

Chemo is very harsh as we all know.  This will now add to the nausea and times of fuzziness dad is currently experiencing.  Coupled with the effects of the increased pain medications dad will now be switched to.  This is not going to be an easy road - to say the least.

In addition to the palliative care nurses that have been visiting dad to assist with his care.  I fear we are now at the point where the doctors are attempting to keep dad comfortable.  Reduce pain ... all in the name of quality of life.

It is an interesting thing.  Where we once prayed for a cure.  Prayed for a miracle.  I now pray that dad's pain and discomfort may ease.  That the suffering be minimized.  That whatever time he has left, is not lived in a fog of hallucinations, nausea and unbearable agony.  That he may be blessed with 'good days'.  That he may be able to enjoy many more sunsets.  The warmth of the summer sun on his skin.  The wind combing through his hair.  The songs of birds in the backyard.  The company of good friends and loved ones.  Laughter.  The joy of more time with his grandchildren.  God willing; another Christmas. To balance the agony with some semblance of normalcy.

My thoughts also go to Tricia, his life-long partner.  She is the one person who has a front row seat to all of this.  How unbearable it must be for her to watch dad suffer.  To watch as each treatment works for a moment before failing.  How helpless a feeling to know there is really nothing she can do to lesson his suffering.  How her heart must be shattered.

I pray for continued strength and courage for both Dad and Tricia.

Please join me in lifting both of them in loving prayer.