Friday, June 15, 2012

Nik Wallenda

The world just finished watching the seventh generation Wallenda conquer Niagara Falls.  Nik Wallenda, of the Flying Wallendas walked the length of nearly 4 football fields, 20 stories up in the air over the horseshoe falls.  From the American side to Canada.

Here Nik is seen (On my TV) as he begins the journey on the 5cm wire from the American side of the falls.

Nik stepping over the lip of the falls - heading towards "The Wet Zone" ... where he is faced with 10mph winds and the mist swirling around him and coating the wire in water.

Met by his Uncle on the scissor lift, Nik reaches Canada!  Where Canadian Authorities ask for his passport, while welcoming the daredevil to Canada, stamping his passport and handing it back to him.

When asked what his business was here in Canada, Nik answered by saying "to inspire people around the world to follow their dreams."

What more need be said?

I do have to say that Nik was wired up to his father who sat in a control booth, able to speak with Nik during the entire length of his journey.  I loved hearing Nik praise God with each step over the rushing waters below.

Nik has said that he has already attained the necessary permits to walk across The Grand Canyon.

God Bless you Nik!  We'll be right there with you!