Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Earth

OK - I have been wanting to do this for some time.  And I think that now is as good as time as any.  Actually, that is an untruth ... this is a time of necessity!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I simply adore this book.  I have read it a couple of times now and have taken part in the Oprah-Eckhart 10 week classes online.

I find the book not only awakening but also uplifting.

These classes were held two years ago I believe, perhaps even three years ago now.  And I do admit that lately, today in particular, I have allowed negative, evil, toxic energy to penetrate my space!!

I found myself needing to back away and meditate.  Pray.  And I found myself re-watching the first class again.  As such I recalled what an impact this book made on me and others world-wide, by the same token, I was reminded how challenging this book is for some people to absorb.

So, I will be blogging Chapter-by-Chapter interpretations.  Condensing the essence of each chapter, with quotes from Eckhart himself. (Taken from the video classes with Oprah)

Sort of a compilation of crib notes to serve as quick reminders for not only myself, but also (hopefully) to aide in others being able to digest Eckhart's writings.

Each posting from this one onward, will be INDEXED under "A New Earth" on the home page.