Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Test Results

As my sister outlined yesterday, the Cancer is now in Dad's arms, legs, chest, back, skull, and all internal organs.

We now know that in addition to his hip break two months ago, he now has a fractured shoulder and as of yesterdays testing we known now that Dad has also been suffering with a broken rib.

As a result, the doctors have decided to stop the hormone chemo shots.  They are no longer working.

Further testing will be done after the Canada Day long weekend.

I cannot be sure, but I have a feeling in my sunken gut that when all of the testing is said and done, we will be told a timeline.   Up until now, we have not been given one, which I supposes in and of itself is good news.  News to be thankful for, in addition to the fact that the Cancer has not yet seeped into the brain.

So, now we give thanks to God for small miracles.  As we dare to pray for more miracles.  In that Dad's pain may ease. That as we watch him suffer in his numbered moment here with us - our collective breath is cut as we dare not to think of what lays ahead.

I am unclear as to what they are going to do about his broken bones.  Can he survive more operations?  Do they simply UP his pain meds in the drug pump he wears?

PSA levels which are supposed to be around 7 - once reached nearly 400 ... then dropped to 9 ... are now rising again.  So, I am not even sure if another surgery is even an option.  He may be inoperable again.

One thing I know for sure....

July 13th cannot come fast enough!!  I love you Dad!!  I will be there soon!!