Friday, June 22, 2012

Chapter 1

The Flowering Of Human Consciousness

In Chapter 1 - Eckhart introduces his conceptions of Consciousness, which is his term for what is more commonly understood as God.  He speaks to the consciousness of the world. The self-awareness and the lack of ability among humans to be present - in the present moment.  He also speaks to the variances of spirituality and religion.  Explaining that once we adopt beliefs - we then turn them into ideologies. Whereas spirituality is a sense of awareness of self consciousness.  That is to say that we are of God, therefore we are spirit. The awareness IS the spirituality.

Eckhart also speaks to the life around us, in nature.  In that once we take away the labeling of "the rose" ...."the oak tree" ... "the waterfall" ... if we turn off the voice inside our head and allow the awareness to come to the forefront, we can feel God in everything around us.  Oprah speaks to doing this on the grounds of her home in California.  She speaks about the colors and vibrations of energy coming to life when she allows nature to just BE ... without placing expectation or preconceived ideals upon what IS.

Recognizing the stillness in nature will better able you to recognize the stillness in yourself.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often get lost in the flow.  We rarely take the moment for what it is, and give ourselves permission to be PRESENT in the MOMENT.

This really is the lesson of this chapter.

Just BE.


Eckhart shares his experiences when A New Earth was born.  That he asked Life what it wanted from him, rather than demanding from life what was wanted by him.  In time, he was given the feeling to relocate to Vancouver, where he began to write and where this book was ultimately created through him.

He has stated many times that the book wanted to be written. I think that is a beautiful thing.


Be aware that as humans move through the day-to-day life, stresses, worries ... etc ... that our very thoughts and fears contribute to the collective consciousness.  That is to say the energy/vibrations we collectively put out into the Universe, will determine what is returned.


Because all of us have that little voice in our heads, telling us that we Can't ... or we Shouldn't ... that we will Fail ... or planting seeds of guilt by saying that you Should Have...

This voice is simply the conditional thinking from childhood and society.  It is what we have been programmed to believe.  We should do this or that.  And if we do not - we have somehow failed.

Clearly, this is not so!

Simply allow the thought to be there .... see it ... in doing so, you empower the awareness - YOU are the AWARENESS .. the thought in and of itself cannot exist - it loses power once Awareness views it for what it is.  Mind Babble.


Whenever possible, surround yourself with people in like-minded state of present-ness, which changes the energy field - without becoming dependent upon the group in order to live your life in a present space.


Be in charge of your own destiny.  One cannot become good by trying to be good.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the ego will inevitably use mind-chatter to talk you into being good for all the wrong reasons.  If only to elevate it's own status.  Remember that negative will always challenge the positive. Work towards consciousness without thinking about it.  In time it will become automatic.


An awakening moment for Eckhart came through one of his life lows.  Depression had taken over his life, and he was in a very dark and scary place.  He had contemplated suicide, then he actually heard himself say "I cannot live with myself."

Once he heard these words pass his lips, he stopped. He thought.  And then wondered, if I am "I" and I am "Myself" does that indicate there are two of me?

Eckhart  then had his own AHA moment when he realized that the "I" is the awareness of "Self".  In that moment the "Self" died a spirited death as the "Self" cannot live with the the awareness of "I".


The  mind wants to get to the next moment in time.  We are never satisfied in the present moment.  The problem then is the realization that the next moment never comes.  As all you ever really have is the present moment. The NOW.  The present moment is a means to an end for many of us.  "If I can just finish this - I can do that." In doing this we devalue the present moment.


The Secret vs. A New Earth

Many people find conflict between the two books.  This too is addressed in the class.  We learn that it is not wrong or sinful to desire material things.  However, you need to seek where this desire is rooted.  It is okay to ask the Universe for a nice home ... financial stability ... good health ... etc.  However, if the request is coming from ego - you will quickly discover the source because once you receive that which you have asked for ... you are soon dissatisfied and begin to want bigger - better - more.

The 40" TV is not enough.  You need the 50" one!

Naturally this can be a fine line to walk.  You must recognize that things cannot and will not give birth to happiness.  You can appreciate the things you have but must become identified by them.  You must be in the world - not of it.

Once you accept that the basis of you / life is in the present moment, you will therefore see that neediness does not exist.


One thing I love about ANE is the little stories and analogies Eckhart shares with us in his teachings.

In this class he speaks..... If you are stuck in the mud - you do not curse the mud ... struggling will only get you in deeper.  Do not make the present moment the enemy.  Make peace with the present moment.  Accept that you are stuck in the mud.  Acceptance does not say you agree with or like a situation - just that you accept the IS-ness of the situation.

Action comes out of acceptance - not resistance.

What you resist - persists.


One of the skyper's during the class asked about sharing the awakening with loved ones - and how to accomplish this if they were not ready.  Eckhart redirected this thinking by stating that the only relevant question is "Am I ready?"

You cannot and must not be concerned with the rest of the world.

Run you own race!

Are YOU ready???