Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blessed Solstice!

Summer Solstice occurred today at 7:09PM EST, signifying the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as the Longest Day and the Shortest Night of the year.

Because the northern and southern points of the sun are actually turned approximately 23.5 degrees, twice a year  the points align perfectly with the Earth's North and South Poles.  When this occurs, in June  it is the Beginning of Summer in the North ... and the Beginning of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

This of course reverses six months from now in December, during the Winter Solstice, where the Northern Hemisphere will begin the Winter Season .... and the South will begin their Summer.

Winter Solstice also brings with it the Shortest Day and the Longest Night.

So, you can see this, like all other things in the Universe, really is a matter of Ying and Yang.  Hence, Universal Balance.

I am a FIRM believer of Universal Justice - (Universal Balance) - All things, good and bad, must balance in the end.

Solstice is celebrated all over the world with rituals,, many of which will include a bonfire.

Solstice parties and rituals are also celebrated at Stonehenge by thousands who make the trip each year.

In the end ... whether you follow the astrology or spirituality of it al - or not - you can surly appreciate that Solstice signifies a Beginning. As well as an Ending ... with the season of Spring coming to a close, and the birth of Summer upon us.  We can all (I think) appreciate and enjoy this Divine Gift from God.

Blessed Solstice Y'all!!