Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out And About

Spoke with Dad yesterday and he sounded FANTASTIC!!  He was so uplifted these past couple of days.  Filled with joy that he has been able to walk with a cane - setting the walker aside.  Being able to visit with friends - and just the sheer joy of being able to leave the house - and not going to a hospital! For the first time in months!

I am just so so happy for him!

He was able to drive to a friend's place and have a nice visit and today he was planning on going to the golf course - not quite ready yet to play - but happy to drive the golf cart around the course and offer his critiques from the sidelines. lol

His most recent trip to the hospital, the doctors offered a surgical procedure to open up the bladder and search for tumors.  Dad opted not to do this, as they would not be able to do anything if a tumor was indeed found.  The doctors are still attempting to get to the bottom of the nausea and blood in the urine.  Thus far they are just chalking it up to the cancer(s).

We also learned that Dad's platelets are now 103 and Red Cell Blood Count is 93.

I suppose just as we have been doing for all of these months,,, we continue to pray for strength, health, healing and faith.   And we give thanks and praise to God for the small miracles we are receiving.  For dad's energy, progress and ability to move forward.  For good days.  For good times.  For good friends and good memories.

Long may they last.