Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Sayin' - Maybe It's Just Me ..

We all have pet peeves.  We all have things that drive us just a little bit crazy.  Things that make us say "REALLY?!?!?!"

Well, I thought I would share a few of mine.

Pessing 1 for English
OK - Now, I live in Canada ... WHY, when I am phoning the CANADIAN Government (Or any place else for that matter)  MUST I press 1 for English?????   Shouldn't the prompt say .... this message is in English - Press 1 for French ... 2 for Chinese ... and so on?

Abandoned laundry
Why do people think it is okay to put their laundry into the machine and then leave the country?  Now, I am not saying that I babysit my laundry.  But, I DO time it to the minute and I AM back in that laundry room when the machine stops.   WHY must I have to touch your laundry in order to empty the machine so I can do my laundry?

Bank Tellers
So, when there are ten people in line .... perhaps it is time for the teller to stop filing her nails, or chatting on the phone and open up a new counter ... ???

This is a two-part'er .... To begin with there is an unspoken yet understood distance, which must be observed when someone is using the machine.  NEWSFLASH - It is RUDE to stand so close behind me in line that I can smell what you had for lunch!

Secondly,  Can someone explain to me why people take a months worth of banking to the ABM??  I mean REALLY?!?!?!?!  All I want to do is pull out a couple of dollars and go about my business, but I must wait for you to pay your bills and deposit your checks ... update your passbook.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

The Holiday Tree
Now this one really irks me!!  Let me just say to those who do not press 1 for English ... I am sorry and do not mean to be insensitive.... HOWEVER,,, it is a CHRISTMAS TREE.   It is not a Hanukkah Tree ... it is not a Ramadan Tree ... it is not an Eid Tree  .... is is not even a New Year Tree!  Say it with me now....


Not exclusive to only cologne, but for perfume as well.  Let me just say ... I should not smell you coming before I see you ... nor should I continue to smell you long after you've left.

Less is more.

Taxi Drivers
Where do I begin?  Let's start with the lazy cab driver, all of whom have been in accidents - just had surgery - and have 'bad backs'.   Driving around all day must be a serious physical experience as they all seem to be crippled.

Perhaps they hurt their back the last time they had a shower - in the 80's?  Why do cab drivers not know they are funky.  Must the first thing I do upon sitting in the cab and shutting the door, be to open the window as wide as it will go?  Do you not know when you are funky?

And IF you drive a cab for a living .... and KNOW that you are charging fares for the privilege of holding me hostage in your funky taxi .... should you not have change??  Isn't it funny how I always seem to get the crippled cab driver who just that very minute started his shift and has no change.  Looking at me as though I should let him keep the $20 for the $8 ride.

Hmmmm  .... REALLY??!!??!!

School Buses
So, have you ever wondered why it is that the law states (rightly so) that children MUST be buckled up in cars.  But if you put 50 of them in a school bus, they do not need to be belted in??

Just sayin'

Pre-empting My Program
Ok, Now, let me first say I have nothing against our cousins to the south.  Except when my program happens to be on at the exact second when the President feels the need to speak.  No offence, but I live in CANADA ... and I really don't care what the leader of another country has to say when I am trying to find out what Victor Newman has done this time!!

Grammar 101
Let's recap:

You're = You Are
Your = Possessive

They're = They Are
There = Opposite of Here
Their = Possessive

While we are on the subject ... it is Y-O-U ... not... U ..... and it is ... A-R-E .... not ... R.

Lazy, illiterate typing ... not sexy.  The ONLY exception for the U and R thing is in a text message.  Otherwise ... get the lead out and use your letters people!!

Fireworks in the Daytime
REALLY?!?!?!?  What exactly is the point of this?  You can't see them.  All you are doing is annoying everyone around you.  If it is the BANG you are attracted to .... might I suggest a handgun to the temple?

PTA Meetings on a Friday Night
Whose brilliant idea was this?  Parents, I ask you....  after carting your lovely, wonderful children to and from school all week long, do you REALLY want to go back on a Friday night to hear that little Billy can count to 5???

Student Doctors
Maybe I am on my own here.  But let me just say that I have no patience and no interest in training - anyone.  Now, perhaps if I just had a cold.... I would not mind seeing a student doctor.  But, when I have multiple illnesses ... and am going to renew medications... I really have precious little interest in going over each medication and explaining why I am taking it, for a condition I have had nearly as long as they've been alive.

Fellas ... this one is for you.  IF you see a lady you would like to have a conversation with... PLEASE do try to come up with something a little bit more alluring than "PSSSSSSST"

Sooo not sexy!!

Raisin Bran
Is it me?  Or has anyone else noticed that the Two Scoops of Raisins seem to be more and more skimpy?  The box seems to be larger, but I suspect they are using the same size scoops - regardless of the box size.

Who Let The Dogs Out?
Why is it that my dog picks the exact moment to take a dump when a fine man is walking by?  Nothing says "Hey baby, come holla at me" like bending over to pick up a load of steaming doggy-dodo!!

I love children ... well .... some of them anyway.   And YES, your baby is the most adorable baby in the history of the world, but WHY must you put the six month old on the phone?  Do you think it's cute? And if you do put little Susie on the phone for me to googoo-ga-ga at ... how long do you think that takes?  Let me help you out .... more than a minute is too long!!

And for the love of God, whatever you do ... do not let the 2 year old answer the phone! NOBODY but you thinks it is cute!!

How on earth does dust get under things?  Under the TV?  Behind the Glass doors of the Wall Unit??  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN???

Forgetful Liars
There is perhaps nothing more pathetic and yet amusing than to listen to a liar who cannot remember their own lies.  Do you think I am going to forget that you told me your sofa was lime green?  And when I get there the sofa is really pink?  Do you think I will not notice?  That I won't remember?  You are embarrassing yourself!!

Tell the truth and shame the devil!!

To end this off ... as I log out and go to get myself another drink.  Let me just say this ... there is nothing worse than warm - flat - cola!

I was speaking with my sister last night and in the conversation I was reminded on what is perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves.  Tardiness ... People who feel like your time is just not as valuable as their own.  I cannot stand waiting for someone. I feel like there is a 10 minute grace period - anything beyond that is just rude!  If I can be there on time - why can't you??