Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pulmonary Aspriation

Have you ever taken a bite or drink of something and suddenly you are coughing uncontrollably? Your face has turned beat red .... your eyes are watering .... and when you finally (God willing) are able to 'cough up' the material ... you say ... "It went down the wrong pipe".

This happens to the "normal" person a handful of times in their lifetime. For me, it happens pretty frequently. This is called Pulmonary Aspiration. Generally there is no damage, aside from sore ribs from coughing so hard. But, it can be serious - even fatal if your body is unable to 'cough up' whatever it is that has slipped into the trachea instead of your esophagus ... you then asphyxiate.

I am speaking about this .... I know it is random but it happened to me again recently and I happened to be on the phone with my step-mother ... who I had to hang up on, because the coughing was so aggressive that I was unable to grasp enough breath to speak. She, of course, concerned, began ringing my phone - repeatedly. I could not answer. I was watching the phone ring ... and ring ... and ring.... and all I could do was watch as I was choking ... trying not to drown on the soda I had inhaled "down the wrong pipe".

I thought - "OMG! She is going to send an ambulance to my home!!" I felt to bad. When I finally was able to call her back ... I told her what was happening. And in the moment, (probably from lack of oxygen) I could not remember what this event was even called.

So, here is a link to Pulmonary Aspiration Syndrome.

Happy Reading!!