Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Dinner - 3

And the stuffing is now finished!

*Bread - Cubed - With Crusts Removed
*Sausage - Sliced and Fast Fried
*Celery - Cubed
*Onion - Diced
*Mushrooms - Chopped
*Spices (Not tellin! lol)

I am super pleased that everything I needed to get done today was accomplished. I know that I really pushed myself today - there was a LOT to do. I just pray that I have not angered the Fibromyalgia Gods too much, so that I am not in major pain tomorrow.

I'm just waiting for the stuffing to cool down a bit so I can set it in the fridge overnight.

Tomorrow will be prepping, stuffing and roasting the turkey. And cooking the sides:

*Mashed Potato
*Sweet Potato
*Baby Carrots
*Dinner Rolls

And of course the cranberry sauce!

Mmmmmmm I can't wait!!