Friday, March 30, 2012

Ringing In A New Birth-Day

In late February Dad's wedding ring - a ring He and Tricia had made in Israel on his birthday many years ago - had slipped from his finger and vanished! The illness has caused incredible weight-loss, and as a result, the ring no longer fit snugly in its place on his hand.

Hearing Tricia and Dad speak of the pain from the missing symbol of their love was truly heartbreaking! After tearing the house apart to no avail, our only hopes were strung on the slight chance that when the snow banks melted away in the spring, the ring would show itself once again.

Today we learned that Dad may be coming home very soon from the hospital and so Tricia and Karen began making plans and arranging things so that the home would be ready for his new needs. Power chair being delivered, planning for a hospital bed to be ordered.

In the process, Tricia was thinking aloud about how she had wished they could shampoo the rugs.... in one motion; she flips over the lazy-boy that was being replaced and hearts stopped ... both not daring to hope ... as they hear the 'clink clink' of metal on metal ... the ring rolled out from within the chair where it had been hiding for all of these weeks!

Prayers had been answered! The ring was found! Dad would have the ring back on his hand ... for his birthday ... just as it was placed there so many years ago!

And we all have yet another reason to rejoice! The blessings are in true abundance!

This is a video of the birthday celebrations at the hospital where Tricia gives Dad back the ring.

Truly a moment of tenderness shared between the two of them. Such an intimate, beautiful and pure exchange of love.

With the loss of the ring - prayers from loved ones and friends rang out from all corners. And so, what better way to say "thank you!" than to be present - through video - as the ring is returned home on Dad's finger.