Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This morning dad was moved from the hospital in Smiths Falls - to a hospital in Perth. The surgery was originally scheduled for 6PM this evening - but was ultimately bumped back to 4PM. The operation was to last 1.5hrs. The procedure is called a Femoral Nailing. Where the surgeons took a titanium rod and inserted it from the hip to the knee, affixing on either end of the rod.

The operation actually took more than 3.5hrs due to complications. When I heard that word; I felt instantly ill!! My mind went to the worst. He is bleeding out on the table!! The bones shattered!! He died 11 times during the operation!! They can't wake him up!!

Turns out the complication was mechanical - not physical. The bone in his leg was apparently too dense and broke the drill bit. (Giddy Laughter!)

I am ever so thankful and humbled by all of the prayers and support from friends, both close and far.

And I am deeply grateful that God not only heard the hundreds of prayers lifted to him from people praying for dad around the world .... but that HE answered the prayers.

We are now rejoicing that the surgery went well. Dad is OK.

Another hurdle in this immense journey.

Now I turn my prayers towards his healing. Lord, thank you for hearing and answering my prayers,, I further pray that you will all Dad's healing from this surgery to be swift and successful, that he may be able to walk once again ... that he may also have the pain and nausea lessened in this process.