Monday, March 26, 2012

Leaving It With God

Last night Dad called. He was having a good day! He sounded wonderful! Strong! Happy!

We spoke for a little more than an hour. We spoke of my upcoming trip to SmithsFalls to visit him. He spoke of how he was looking forward to my visit. I told him how excited I was - counting the sleeps until I could get there.

We spoke of Natasha - how much he enjoyed her note to him in response to his birthday letter to her. He asked me to tell her to start emailing him. When I shared that with her, she was overjoyed and fired off an email to her Papa seconds after she and I got off of the phone.

He told me how the pain in his leg was doing a bit better. That he had been upping the pain medication dosage. That for the past 36hrs, he was dosing hourly, and that starting today he would be moving to every 30 minutes. That he could feel the pain being masked by the meds. That he was looking forward to returning to preaching ... and how he wanted to surprise the church and was aiming for doing a sermon on Good Friday!!

When I last spoke with him, he was heading to the dining room to enjoy a dinner of Shepherd's Pie. One of the many fantastic meals of love sent to the house by friends who have been providing meals for Dad and Tricia during these difficult weeks and months.

My heart was full. Grateful. I felt joy. I was happy.

Today I learned that five hours after Dad and I hung up, he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. He was screaming in excruciating pain. The bone in his leg had cracked and the bone cancer had eaten through his hip - which is now broken.

I was instantly deflated. The joy I felt hours ago had left my body. I was left feeling weak.

He is now in the hospital in Smiths Falls. In pain. Speaking incoherently. Now awaiting surgery on his hip this coming Wednesday.

I worry deeply, as his platelets are too low to withstand the operation. I am praying that God will lift Dad and do what is necessary to elevate the platelets. Please let him receive transfusions, and please let them take effect. Please let him come through the operation and please let it be successful. Please let recovery be swift. Let him be able to walk again.

Lord God, Please hear the prayers from around the world. The words lifted by all those who love and support Dad, who has devoted his life in service to you.

I feel so helpless. So far away. How I wish I could be there. When all I can do is pray.

So, pray I shall. And trust in God.

Leaving it with God.


As a note of gratitude. I have to say that I left a call to prayer on my facebook page... a short note outlining the latest hurdle in our journey. I was deeply moved to see the instant response from friends I have grown up with, people I share my life with ... and some whom I have never met in the physical. Friends who I have connected with in online gaming.

I know that Dad would be touched and humbled to know he is being lifted in prayer by all of you.