Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bunnysitting - Day 2 - AM

So, here we are the morning of day 2. Bentley is chilling out as I run around and change Zack's food and water. Opening windows/blinds and turning off the lights. We hang out for a couple of hours, watching TV as I straighten up a little bit.

It was such a lovely walk over this morning - although with the DST and resetting the clocks forward an hour - morning came VERY early for me today!

Zack peeked out from under the couch as he ate some of his treats, watching Bentley with curious eyes. I know he wants to come out and play. I hope to get pics of them before Sandra comes home!

It's 12 - Noon and time to head back home and get something to eat!! Here, Bentley waits patiently for the elevator! I think he is really liking all of this back-and-forth. lol