Monday, February 20, 2012

Let This Be!

I spoke with Kare today. She was at the house this weekend and will be staying on - as to be there for her mom and also to be there for dad in the hospital. She said that dad had radiation today and that dad said the radiologist said there were no holes in the bones. And that he saw patients in dad's condition have a good 4-years of quality of life.

Oh God! Let this be your will!

What a miracle that would be!

Dad has a mass on the prostate - stage 4 prostate cancer. Which has now metestasized to the bones. Specifically; his leg, arm, shoulder and sternum.

Because the cancer is not contained - and so advanced ... it is inoperable.

Dad also said that the radiologist believes that the radiation will help and that he sees dad being able to walk again.

Oh God! Let this be your will!

I will be speaking with dad tomorrow. It has been awhile now. We have not spoken since he has been in the hospital. Karen is bringing her cell - so that I can call ... when he is having a strong moment.

I can't wait!

Above is a picture of Dad and Tricia. Karen has it posted on dad's update blog that she created for his friends, congregation and loved ones to walk with him on this journey.

I thought it was so clear in beauty and love.

I pray that Dad has a couple of years with quality of life ahead of him. I pray that he may walk again. I pray that his platelets be elevated and stay leveled through the transfusions he is receiving. I pray that the radiation and chemo help to slow down - or even reverse the cancer. I pray that he may preach again.

Oh God! Let this be your will!