Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Justin and Jerome

"Two brothers executed in the stairwell of a garage." "They didn't stand a chance."

These are the headlines that run across the media outlets today in Toronto. Justin, 18. and Jerome, 22. Were brothers .... whose lives were taken away from them - way too early.

Jerome just became a father of a baby girl just days before he was murdered.

Mark and Dina - parents who are now suffering more than any person should have to. Losing not one, but two children.

I grew up with Mark .... Justin and Jerome are the Godsons of my daughter's father (Max). Mark and Max have been friends since forever.

My daughter Natasha is devastated. Her brothers and sisters grew up with Justin and Jerome as cousins / Godbrothers. We all are in pain today. These were good kids. Polite. Pleasant. They have been in my home on a couple of occasions. Jerome drove Tasha home just days before his execution.

My heart is heavy as I hear my daughter crying. Her heart broken. I see all of the "RIP" statuses pop up on facebook. My step-sons and daughters grieving.

Two more lives lost to nonsense. In reality - were they angels? No. Did they deserve to die? No!

My heart goes out to Mark and Dina.

May God embrace you in this time.

R.I.P. Justin and Jerome. Know that you were love and you are deeply missed.

Aunt Lori