Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I received good news. Dad is going home! He is still vomiting. The doctors say this is his body reacting to the invasion of the cancer(s). I did, however, find out that the bone cancer is not just in his leg, arm, shoulder and sternum - but has spread body-wide. The good news is that IF the radiation treatments are successful, then the bone cancer will be slowed down - significantly. If not reversed. Dad may never walk again .... BUT .. IF he responds well to the chemo, radiation and hormone therapy .... THEN he may have years ahead of him with quality of life.

The doctors placed him back on a cath bag ... he is clearly not pleased with this and would prefer to self-cath. But, with his platelets being sooooo low ... the doctors do not want him doing that at this time. BUT - IF the treatments work ... the mass on his prostate will shrink and stop pressing against his bladder and other organs, which it has attached itself to. THEN he will not need to be cathed any longer.

So ... he will be home from the cancer unit this week ... possibly today or even tomorrow. He will go to the hospital daily for treatments over the next three weeks. Then he will be scanned again to see if the tumors have responded to the treatments.

Oh God! Let this be your will!

Good news - and reason for hope .. the cancers have not yet spread to the lymph nodes. This is HUGE!

Please, Please, Please let him respond to the treatments.

Oh God! Let this be your will!!