Thursday, December 22, 2011


December 5th I had my first colonoscopy. I had been having some bleeding and my Dr. felt it would be good to have the testing. Especially as I am currently going into my 3rd year of remission from soft tissue cancer.

All in all I really can't say the actual procedure was bad. Humiliating? Absolutely! Painful? No!

The prep that is done the night before is what I have affectionately dubbed as Liquid Evil! It is process of drinking 2L of the saltiest liquid you will ever have in your life. At the same time drinking Ginger Ale - 2L worth. So every 30 minutes I guzzled a glass of prep with a glass of ginger ale - followed by a candy cane to get the horrid taste out of my mouth!

This night was utter hell! The first glass came back up about as quickly as it went down. *shudder* as I remember.

December 19th I received the results. I admit I was floored to find out that 4 of the polyps removed were benign .... but the 5th polyp was in part pre-cancerous ... and in part stage 1 colon cancer!

At no time did I ever think that I had colon cancer. I found out the bleeding was superficial and had nothing to do with the stage 1 cells. BUT. The bleeding is what led me to the procedure, which led me to the removal of the cancerous cells, which were growing with zero signs of their presence.

Typically with this diagnosis you would repeat the test every three years. But given my history, I am now going to have one done every two years.

The funny thing is that as floored as I was by the news. I must say that I have an overwhelming feeling of blessing and gratitude that it was caught - removed - and now known of.

If you are reading this, I hope you take away two things.

1) Even though medical recommendations are that colonoscopy testing should begin at the age of 50, you should speak with your Dr. about having a baseline test done in your 40's. I learned that polyps take years to grow - and they then take years to turn cancerous. All of this is happening without your knowledge. Please Get Tested!

2) When God whispers to you ... LISTEN!