Saturday, November 26, 2011


I read something today about how people view being fat as the most awful thing that a person could be. This got me thinking. Those who know me, know that I have struggled with my weight for my entire life, and certainly, I am in no way going to attempt to glamorize being overweight. That said, IS being fat truly the most horrible thing a person could be?

What about a murderer? Or pedophile? Or an overall asshole?

It's interesting - when we see someone who we do not like - or sometimes, even people we don't even know ... the first thing we do is judge. How do we do this? Can we say - "That person looks like he has a bad personality!" ?? ... Can we say - "Can you believe that woman on the bus abandoned her children!!" ?? Certainly, unless we truly know a person ... all we have to go on is physical appearance. Body shape is often the first thing we attack. "She has a big ass!" ... "He is so short!" ... "She is FAT!"

It's also interesting how this is publicly acceptable ... I refer to it as the acceptable prejudice. Imagine for a moment if we were to walk into a room and say .. "Look at that Ch*nk!" ... or tell an immigrant to "Go back where you came from!" or make fun of someone in a wheelchair.

You would be publicly lynched! Looked down upon. Because society (rightfully so) views these actions as despicable, distasteful and unlawful. However, when you are driving in your car with your buddies and see a heavy woman at the corner waiting for the light to change - you roll down your window and scream out "HEY FATTY!!" or something equally as intellectual. Nobody says a word in defense. And often times this act of depravity will even garnish cheer from onlookers. How charming!

Why is this acceptable? Is it because overweight people don't have feelings? Is it because they are not human? Is it because they are an easy target? And what does this say about you???

Brings me in mind of a story. About twenty years ago - some friends and I were hanging out at my apartment. I was having an argument with a guy (who was in the process of becoming an ex). He wittingly calls me a "Fat Bitch!!!". I was mortified! Embarrassed! I looked around the room and all of the people. You could hear a pin drop! I inhaled deeply - looked to him and said.. "Yes, I AM Fat!" ... "Yes I AM a Bitch!". "Now lets do you!" And proceeded to list off all of his attributes: "You are a womanizer, an abuser, an addict, illiterate, uneducated......"

There are a few things I know for sure. I am God loving! I am a great friend! A great daughter! Mother! Sister! A great and kindhearted person who gives when I can, lives my life not hurting others. And Yes, I continue with my life-long weight struggle.

And I suppose that on that day many years ago ... despite the cowardly who still walk among us, I was reminded that there are worse things to be - than fat!