Monday, October 3, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

OK, So, here I find myself in the exact position I hate. Caught between two people I am fond of. Both telling me things about the other. Each, warning me to be wary of the other.

*Pause For Irony*

This puts me in mind of people who have betrayed me in the past. People who have lied to me - or on me. Let me be clear. I have cut people who were very dear to me from my life. I loathe liars. I loathe deception. I loathe betrayal. And I will not tolerate it. From ANYONE.

Often times in life, we are forced to make decisions, which are not always easy or pleasant,,, but necessary for our own personal sanity, health, zen and over-all well being. This includes having to cut off long time friends or even family members. I am sad to say that in my lifetime I have had to remove people from my life - simply because they are toxic. I take no pleasure in this, however, I am prepared to do it.

Especially given that my health is not optimum. Fibromyalgia is an illness, which I have battled and been burdened with for nearly twenty years. Stress and BS is no friend to Fibromyalgia - and thus - no friend to me.

Simply put... IF I am placed in a position of having to choose between my personal health and someone else's nonsense.... (regardless of friend or family) .... I choose me - EVERY TIME.

I suppose in hindsight... I am not between a Rock and a Hard Place. I am floating on a could of feathery softness. As the issue is and will not be mine. If a problem is brought into my life - the source is removed.

End of problem.

Govern Yourself Accordingly People...