Monday, August 22, 2011

Rest In Peace, Jack Layton

I am deeply saddened today, 4:45am Jack Layton lost his most recent battle with cancer. Surrounded by family and loved ones, Jack peacefully passed away.

This is a true loss.

Jack was a tremendous man. A champion for the underdog. A trailblazer. A dedicated and fearless man who clawed his way up the political ladder. Most recently enjoying a victory and becoming the official leader of the opposition.

I remember Jack from my days working at the Regent Park Resident's Association. I sat on many many boards and steering committees and always admired the way Jack stood up for 'the little people'.

He was funny, down to earth, approachable ... and most importantly - he genuinely cared. And it showed in all the work that he did in his life.

Today Canada has indeed lost a great great man.

Today Heaven gained an angel.

With and heavy heart; my thoughts and prayers are with his wife Olivia, their children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Rest in Eternal Peace Jack Layton.