Monday, August 29, 2011

Life Is Too Short

There has been a lot of changes in my life. A lot of blessing, which unfortunately get pushed aside in the name of toxic energy that seems to seep into my personal space.

Quite simply put; life is too short. Too short for me to get caught up in other people's issues. Too short for me to put my happiness on hold - for the sake of someone else. And I am thankful to have been reminded of this precious lesson of life's school.

Today was a blessing. Not only have I been added by my handsome new nephew. But, I have been added by my beautiful new niece. I even spoke with her briefly and she is such a sweet girl. She feels torn, I know - and that upsets me. I have never been a person to put children in the middle of adult chaos. Sadly, she is caught up in it. I have spoken with her and after she welcomed me to the family,, I told her that I was proud to be her aunt ... but if she felt like she was betraying anyone ..... I would understand and did not wish for her to feel that way - or to be put into that position. I think it sucks that kids can't go with their feelings. The truth of the matter is that children are pure. They are innocent. And their instincts are usually correct. I really cannot stand adults who use children as pawns. Like mothers who say to fathers "if you don't want to be with me, you can't see JR anymore." What is that about???? Grow Up!!



Blessings. I have an awesome new sister. Two handsome new nephews and a beautiful new niece.... a brother in law and his mother who have accepted me openly into their lives. I have family history, which I have wondered about for my entire life. And even though there are members of the family who opt not to get on board. I know of them ... and they know of me.

This is more than I had three months ago. And I am ever so thankful for it.

Thank You God!!