Sunday, July 31, 2011

43!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

I am 43 years old today. It was a very lovely birthday. I was showered in calls, texts, fb messages .... etc ... My family and friends are truly awesome!

I am very grateful to be given another year of life. Another year of opportunities to make myself better.

I recently found my father. We spoke for a time - but unfortunately,,, it is not going well - to say the least. There is a part of me that regrets spending my entire life searching for him. But there is also a part of me, which is glad to 'know' - and be 'known'.

I have two new sisters - brothers-in-law - nieces - nephews - aunts. I also have been given family medical information. Very important information.

Aside from that,,, one of my sisters has reached out to me. She has gone through some things in life - personal experiences, which enable her to identify with what I have been going through. Things are going slowly - but I feel they are going well. From what I can see, we have quite a lot in common..... and she even resembles me. This is a blessing in and of itself ... it was so huge for me, just to finally see people who look like me. :)

Today, my new sister and her hubby wished me a Happy Birthday. How nice! Of course, I was celebrated by my other sisters, daughter, mother ... etc... etc ...... perhaps a bit difficult to explain, and taking nothing away from life-long family, who have been here for me - for my entire life - and whom I love with my entire soul. I have to admit it was nice to be celebrated by 'the other half'.


I spent today doing ME .... Got up ... took the dog out in the sunshine. Did the floors. Took the dog out again. Gave the dog a bath - and myself one in the process! Did the dishes. Had a shower. Watched some of my favorite movies. Painted my toenails. Enjoyed a lovely dinner of steak, sweet potato and salad. Had a couple of drinks with a friend. All the while receiving dozens of lovely birthday wishes from the people I adore most.

Was it glamorous? Perhaps not.

Was it perfect? Absolutely!