Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dyer's Dozen

After watching Dr. Wayne Dyer's seminar on The Power Of Intention, I have to say that I was given much food for thought. As such, I wanted to post his 'Dyer's Dozen - Rules for The Power Of Intention'.

1) Want more for others than you want for yourself.

2) Think from the end.
- Do not ask for something you are lacking, act as though it has already happened.

3) Be an appreciator in your life.
- Appreciation in term of self-value. Be better today than you were yesterday. Appreciate.

4) Stay in rapport with Source Energy.
- Maintain connection with the Good - With God - With the Source.

5) Be aware of resistance.
- Negative thinking is ego attempting to separate you from The Source.

6) Contemplate yourself in the position you desire.

7) Understand the path of allowing
- Stay on the path of least resistance.

8) Practice radical humility.

9) Be in a Constant State of Gratitude.
- 'Thank you God, for this symbol of abundance you have brought into my life.
- No matter how big or small.

10) Do not resolve a problem by concealing it.

11) Play the match game.
- Find the Source, which is within you - in others.

12) Meditate.