Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell To Oprah

When it was first announced that the 25th season of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' would be the last; I am sure I heard the world gasp in shock and sorrow. How could it be that there would not be any more tuning in to Oprah at 4PM?? So many of us grew up watching faithfully. Learning about other people - and most of all, learning about our selves. the Oprah Show was a daily touchstone for so many. You would often say to a friend ... "did you hear what Oprah said about.....?" And you could spend hours discussing what new idea, experience or spiritual revelation she brought to you during those precious 60 minutes each day.

An exchange of ideas. A wealth of inspiration. A world of teaching.

It always amazed me that no matter what was going on in my life at the time, like magic - or divine intervention - Oprah would feature a topic, which would hit home. Almost as though she knew. I think that is part of the magic of Lady O, always knowing what her audience needed. And she always delivered.

I wish I had a dollar for every AHA moment I had over the past 25 years. On second thought .... the lessons I walked away with - and the ever-evolving way of looking at the world, was and is worth much more than any amount of money.

For me, and so many others, Oprah was a voice. Often times for me, when I was not aware at the time that I needed one. Sometimes you just don't realize it - until it is spoken back to you.

Over the years, I have heard Oprah speak of the people she holds in reverence. I have to say that for me, she is on that list. Truly a lady of grace, substance, dignity, wisdom, love and light. We are truly fortunate to have had such a beacon shining down upon us over the past 25 years.

Today I watched the final episode. I cried. Not completely in sadness. But also in joy. For as I listened to her words, I realized that as a bird must teach its young to fly. We have been blessed to have Oprah as the wind beneath our wings.

In return, we honour her in the only way we truly can; by soaring freely into the air of endless possibilities...