Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho .. Of To The ER We Go

Needless to say, My Christmas did not go exactly as planned. My daughter had left for home, and I was sitting here enjoying the night with my sister, when suddenly I started feeling an odd and tingly feeling in my mouth. Having had some mixed Holiday nuts, I used my beer to rinse out my mouth and my night was over. My mouth instantly swelled. My throat began to close in on me and my breaths became extremely laboured.

I thought that if I could rinse my mouth with water and get the nuts out of my mouth - everything would be okay. Well, not so much. After about 20 minutes - I realized that my failed attempts were not going to be the quick fix and 911 was called. The ambulance came and off we went to East General Hospital.

As if that wasn't exciting enough. En route - my blood pressure dropped severely and was so faint it could not be detected on their monitors. At the same time, my heart felt as though it was beating in my left nostril, as I went into arrhythmia. Well, next I knew I was being strapped to an oxygen tank and being shot with epinephrine. The sirens were turned on, our speed tippled and I was loaded onto the stretcher.

Once in the hospital. I was admitted into CCU and there I stayed for about an hour, before being moved to the ER monitoring room - adjacent to the nurses station and hooked up to every cord and tube known to man. Nearly a dozen heart monitoring stickers and corresponding cords were attached to my chest and abdomen. A second and third shot of epinephrine. Accompanied by three doses of liquid Ventolin masks and oxygen masks in between. Lest us not forget the IV x 3 pumped full of benadryl and prednisone.

So, at the end of it all. I ended up there till after 2AM and was an invited guest and asked to stay until Monday. I told them I was not interested in that. To which they remarked that I may end up back there within the next 48 hours - via ambulance. Since the tree nuts were consumed and not just held in my mouth. There is a chance that they could come back and bite me in the butt.

Right now I am okay. My breathing is a bit laboured still. My lungs feel heavy. And my throat is very tender. Tomorrow (Monday) My pharmacy will open and I will be able to fill my scripts - including epi pens, which will now be a permanent part of my life.

I feel so badly for my sister tho. As she had brought the nuts into the home. Knowing how much I adore them. I put nuts on and in everything I bake! Who would know that my body would suddenly reject them?

She feels so badly - and I feel badly for her. :(

Clearly it was nobody's fault. Just one of those things.

My daughter was so sweet, she came all the way back to my home to tend to my dog/cat, while my sister headed back to her home. Tash spent the night and helped me out tremendously.

I am very lucky. As much as it sucked, I DO know that it could have been much worse. And I draw strength from soo many people sending me their best wishes.

I feel the love.