Monday, November 22, 2010

Oprah's Final Favorites

Today was the surprise second part of Oprah's Favorite Things. The audience on both days (Friday and Today) were dropping-to-their-knees-excited. Oprah even had paramedics standing by at the side of the room. I'm confident that the entire studio was vibrating from the cries and cheers as the hand selected audience members were told which show they were here for. Only after being tricked on Friday by Lady O, when she initially began the show in a black dress with a bright yellow sash and announced that she wanted everyone to meditate. Once the black robe was torn off and the Christmas Ville set was revealed - the roaring cheers began!

Diamond watches began the parade of gifts to be followed by; cashmere sweaters, Nike shoes, 50" HD3D TV's, panini makers, a 7-day Caribbean cruise, diamond earrings, I-Pads, and the show stopper ... done only one time before (By Oprah of course!) the 2012 VW Beetle for Everyone! A car that is not even released until May!

Oprah has outdone herself!! Just fantastic!!!

Clearly it would be amazing to have been in one of the two audiences. To receive the riches she was sharing. But I did not leave empty-handed either. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching both shows. Just as I have in the past years. And each time - without fail - I end up taking a ride on a roller-coaster of emotion. My own laughter, the tears, genuine surprise, happiness and pleasure in seeing the reactions of the ones who were leaving with the actual items. My heart and spirit were truly filled with joy.