Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fit for a King

So, Prince William and Katherine Middleton have announced their engagement, after dating for about eight years. I could not be happier!!!! I have loved Katherine for years and think she is perfect for the Prince.

At the announcement, it could not be helped but to notice that the engagement ring was that of the late Princess Diana. I must admit that I was a little surprised and really taken aback by some of the reaction to this gesture. Many feel that it is "creepy" .... "inappropriate" ... for Prince William to have given his future wife - the future Queen of England; the engagement ring of his beloved mother.

I thought it was a highly appropriate gesture and extremely sweet. Especially after hearing William say that it was his way of including Princess Diana in the start of their lives together.

What did surprise me was their selection of where the wedding will take place. Although Westminster Abby is unarguably a beautifully stunning structure, coupled with the fact that Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother, both; were married in the Abby. I thought it odd as it was also the venue for the funeral of Princess Diana.

It seems to me that it would difficult to have a wedding in the very place the funeral of your mother had taken place.

Evidently it was Prince William who ultimately suggested the Abby. And so, on April 29th, 2011, Prince William and Katherine Middleton will be wed. And just as when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were wed - I will be up at 3AM watching with bells on!!

To my own mortality, I am feeling rather aged at the thought that the current Queen has been as such for my entire life. All 42 years of my existence on earth. I have seen Princess Diana - courted, engaged, married, pregnant, after the birth of each of the Princes .. and finally laid to rest. Now, I am going to witness the wedding of the man who I can still envision as a belly-bump on a young Princess - 29 years ago. The same boy, who at 15 years of age, followed bravely along with 11 year old Prince Harry; behind their mother's casket as it was paraded through the streets.

Time sure does fly.

I am very excited for the future King and Queen of England. I look forward to all of the pomp and circumstance of the regal affair. The dress, the venue, the onlookers, the vows, the kiss ....

I believe they will have a blessed life and I wish them all the best.