Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada. This is one of my favorite holidays. Well, I should say that the spirit of the holiday makes it one of my favorites. What man has done to the holidays is just sad. Everything has a dollar value attached to it. We must give presents, chocolates, flowers... or all of the above. Otherwise, we have failed.

I actually think that the people who get down or depressed during the holiday season - especially those who have just experienced a loss; truly 'get' what the season is about. Family, friends, everyone you love being around you and sharing in the spirit of the holiday. Giving thanks for the blessings, which have embraced you. Be it good fortune, good health, love in your life, or whatever it may be. The point is to celebrate life. Share what you have with people who may not be as fortunate as you are - even if it just means giving thanks for another day.

Typically, I do my holiday dinners 'on-the-day' ... this year was a little different. I ended up doing my turkey dinner yesterday, instead of today. This is a fixation of mine. I just feel that the day is marked and celebrated on the day. Otherwise, you are just cooking turkey to have turkey. Well, this year, my sister asked me if I would mind doing it on the Sunday so that she could visit longer, since she works on Tuesday and would have to leave early if I held the dinner today.

Initially I was annoyed. I am thankful that I saw this in myself. I then recognized that what she was saying is that she wanted to spend the holiday with me. How wonderful! This is the spirit. Being with loved ones, having dinner together, laughing together. Which is exactly what we did ... with a few glasses of 'good-cheer' and several rounds of Yahtzee!

It was a wonderful day. I had a wonderful time. The company was awesome. The spirit was light. I am blessed.

I now look forward to doing it all again at Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!