Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where did the months go?

Well, My last posting was in January - and here we are now May 8th. I suppose that speaks volumes in regards to my sticking to this blog. On the other hand - it is still here - so I suppose, I am still here as well.

Last night - there was a shooting in the back of my building. *sighs* I cannot say how deeply I am bothered by this. Not only for the obvious danger of having gunshots going off where I walk my dog daily. But ..... the fact that it seems there will always be people for whom violence is the perceived answer to all questions. How sad.

My understanding is that the victim was not killed. That is a blessing. I hope that the shooter is caught - for the same obvious danger reasons stated above - but also that he may actually get some help before he becomes a successful murderer.

I know for the most part, God observes as we stumble through life, figuring things out on our own. But I do wish that from time to time .... appropriate things would happen to not-so-good people.