Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It is said that we are Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, Chefs, Cleaners, Social Workers, Psychologists, Warriors, Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers. We are the ones that set the rules… yet we remain your soft place to fall. Our arms protect you from all of the world’s wrongs and our kisses can cure just about anything. We protect you, even before ever having met you. We are entrusted with the world’s most precious treasures. And unlike a Computer, Car, Home or some other high-end item... there is no “how-to” book given when we bring you home. Our manual is written in instinct, and our instincts come from God – just as you do. With just one look – we can let you know that you have displeased us,,, and yet,,, from the echo of your first heartbeat – to our last… we love you unconditionally. It took two to create you. And some say it takes a village to raise you. Yet, many of us do the most challenging of all jobs Alone … because we are – MOM.

I want to wish all of the MOTHERS out there a Very Happy and Blessed MOTHER’S DAY