Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Woman's Movement

Now, I want to start right off and say that I think the fact that women over the years have fought for equal rights - the right to vote - the right to educate - the right to even wear pants - work outside of the home ... for equal pay ... and so many other rights is a wonderful thing. However, I also believe that at the core of the human being is a structure that defies all of these desires for woman to be "equal" to man.

What do I mean by that? Simply - that although I DO believe men and women are equal as humans - as citizens - as people. As beings, I believe we each have very different roles in life.

I believe women were intended to be softer, the nurturer, the one in the relationship who turns that house into a home. Where as I believe that the man is the protector - being of a harder facade - I think it is clear and easily understood that the man is the one who would guard the family - take out the trash and shovel the driveway. While the woman is nurturing the family from within.

Now. I want to be clear. I am not suggesting that a woman cannot shovel the snow, protect her young, take out the trash. Only that I feel it is not the role of the woman to do so.

I think that is a part of the problem in today's families - the reason perhaps or at least a contributing reason to why there are so many more divorces today - compared to even 2 decades ago. The problem is that when a woman is too self-sufficient, the man begins to wonder what and where his place is within the family. What is his role? I believe this is part of the reason why men stray from the family. They seek to be needed - to be appreciated and valued. If the woman is doing 'everything' - why is he there?

Another problem comes when you have a woman who for whatever reason, must do 'everything' on her own. Simply because she is a single woman/mother and there just is no man around to do the 'man' role - so the woman must play both roles to maintain balance within the home. However, when that same woman then meets a man who is prepared to fulfill that role ... she may be reluctant to relinquish the role she has taken on ... simply because she is no longer able to feel confident that the duties will be carried out responsibly.

And so the vicious cycle begins. The woman does everything - meets a man - becomes incapable of allowing the man to move into his rightful 'role' within the home unit ... he begins to feel unneeded and strays .... thus the rise in divorce rates.

I am sure many women would disagree with me and perhaps even be resentful of my line of thought - but I think if they were honest with themselves ... even if unable to admit it out loud - they would agree that there is some truth to what I am suggesting.

So the trick would be in finding a balance where woman can be accepted as being equal to man - without emasculating a man and rendering him useless within the home. Leaving him to feel undervalued and craving a place where he can fulfill his duties or role within a home. And make no mistake - if you will not allow your man to feel like a man ... there is a woman down the road that will.

Bottom line, God created Man AND Woman - if women were intended to "do it all" then men would not exist. They are here for a reason and the sooner women catch on to this, I believe the happier we will all be.

Having said that, this does not suggest that men are more important or that women are subservient to men. Just simply that there is King and Queen - Prince and Princess - Adam and Eve for a reason. It takes two.

With the right balance - there is beauty - and there must be balance in nature - balance in the universe in order for harmony to exist. Even within the home.