Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Universal Boomerang

Affectionately known as Karma! It took a long time in my life before I recognized the unyielding power of this element of life. It is my belief that as at the end of the day there must be balance within the universe, therefore karma is a must. We've all heard the saying "what goes around, comes around" it is truly that simple. If you do or say or spread toxicity - it will come back to you. What you put out to the universe is reflected back upon you through the Law of Attraction. The problem is that as adults, it often takes us well into our lives before it dawns on us - if ever .. that this in fact is an unavoidable truth in our existence. As such, it takes us a long time to clean up our karma. To make up for whatever it is that we have done prior. To balance the tole sheet. And make no mistake - by the time it is all said and done... by the end of our lifetime - our balance sheet is just that - balanced. Hopefully we learn this early enough that we can tap into the true beauty of this gift. Yes! I said gift! Simply because just as with anything precious - it is fragile and it is powerful at the very same time. Good karma can be easily broken and the wrath of bad karma can be devastating.

Fortunately, I clued into this many years ago ... unfortunately, it has taken me a long time to learn how to use it to my advantage - or should I say I am still a student of life, in that the LoA can be a tricky thing. Hence the saying: "Be very careful what you ask for."

In general, I try not to have any ill will towards my fellow man. I try to be a good, loving, generous person. I try to wish prosperity to others and pray for those who may need it.

The good thing about the Law of Attraction is that the good will always outweigh the bad - so, the moment you catch yourself having a dark thought - immediately replace it with a good one, and everything will be fine. :)

In love and respect of the elements greater than myself...