Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praying For Haiti

Although I have been watching all week as the Haitians have been struggling for survival after the catastrophic earthquake, which completely destroyed several cities - and government buildings... I really wanted to put out another prayer here.


Please wrap your loving arms around the people of Haiti and those who have loved ones who are hurt,lost or mourning those who have returned home to You. The destruction is beyond imagination - there are hundreds of thousands who are in physical, emotional and mental pain ... those who are clinging to life - starving of nutrition ... water. Living in tents - or under boulders. The orphans who have already in their young lives had to endure so much suffering. Those who have yet to be found. Trapped beneath the tons of debris.

I ask You Lord to comfort these people .. to ease their suffering.. to help the workers to clear the roads that the urgently needed supplies may reach those who desperately need them.

I ask You Lord to give wisdom, endurance, courage and strength to those who are flocking from around the globe to lend a hand. Those who have left the comforts of their own homes to help those who have literally lost everything - and in some cases - everyone.

I ask You Lord to bless and embrace all of the souls who have left this earth. Those who remain in mass unmarked graves. Those who may go forever unknown. And those who will never know what happened to their loved ones.

I ask You Lord to blanket all those suffering with calm and peace. Let them know that it will be okay. Help us to understand why such things must happen. Help us to understand that in Your extreme wisdom; Your plan is always for the betterment of us all. Even if we do not always understand why at the moment.

In Your name I pray...