Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking For Igloos

I woke up today to another morning of -22c wind chills. Burrrr!! I think it is safe to say that the majority of people cannot stand the deep freeze we have to deal with during the winter season - but I can truly say that I HATE it. Having to take the dog outside and waiting around for him to take care of his personal business - while frostbite tries to claim my flesh.

I then come back into the building and am immediately blanked with a big hug of warmth. When I open my door and enter my apartment - it is cozy and warm and very homey. I simply must give thanks. Though I have continually sought the perfect location with the perfect temperatures - with highs no greater than about 20c and the lows no more than about -5... don't get me wrong - I can still easily be persuaded to move... but when I think of others who are not as blessed with the good fortune of a warm home - I am humbled as I realize that things can always be worse.

I think of the fact that Canadians - living in Canada die on the street every winter. Sleeping on grates in attempts to capture the essence of warmth. It is truly shameful that this is allowed to occur.

I think of the soldiers who are in extreme temperatures - both; sweltering and frigid ... all the while placing their lives up for grabs - sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice, while fighting for the very freedoms that my family, friends and myself enjoy on a daily basis.

I think of the Police, Fire and Ambulance workers who are out there in extreme temperatures, keeping me safe locally. Brave men and women who also place their lives on the line to keep me and my loved ones safe.

I suppose that when I take a broader look at my good fortune rather than focusing on the imperfections in my life - I can fully see that there is always someone who has a more difficult life than I do. Whether by choice or bad fortune.

So, If I have to take my guy out for a walk a few times a day - I suppose I can bundle up, plug in my earphones, and smile if I come across a snowman or even an igloo.