Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seeing Things More Clearly

Another Christmas has come and gone - and I survived! It was actually quite lovely. I spent the day with my sister and my daughter- and had approximately 73 conversations on the phone with my mother!

Have you ever heard that you can cook 20 turkeys and they will come out 20 different ways? Well - it is the truth. My Easter and Thanksgiving turkeys were - shall we say less than perfection? They were small, dry and a true disappointment. Well, this Christmas was fantastic! There were mouth-watering moans with every bite - echoed three times over between my daughter, sister and myself. Such a beautiful colour, falling off the bones, melting in your mouth, rich with flavour turkey. Mmmmmmm!!!

I suppose my bad turkey omen is over - at least until next Easter!

My eye infections seems to have cleared up as well. It was funny - the polysporin drops did the trick in under three days. Who knew? Perhaps another chapter in the irony saga? That my eyes would clear up on the dawn of a New Year.

How appropriate.

I have decided that I will not make any resolutions this year. What is the point anyway? You make a resolution - You break a resolution. It is just a sick game of marry-go-round that you play with yourself every year. Like self-masochism!

Well no more!!

This year, there will be no resolutions. Instead - I have decided to challenge myself.

I will not resolve to quit smoking or lose weight, or be a better person. I, instead will challenge myself to simply be more healthy.

How hard could that be? (lol)

Stay tuned...