Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leaving the Negative Behind in '09

Just a little over 4 hours left to '09 and I think the one thing I would like to resolve (in addition to leading a more healthy life) is to leave all of the negativity behind me in '09. I have decided that there is no room in my life for toxic energy and that 2010 should be a step forward to a more positive existence.

The problem is that where I have really tapped into my spiritual awakening and have spent the past almost decade centering my chakra and really just trying to pay my karmic debts. A friend of mine has unwittingly chosen to clench tightly onto the bitterness that she has adopted over the years. It really pains my heart because I want to do this for my own betterment but how can I truly do it and keep her in my life? Letting her go is not an option.. I will continue to pray that God can use me as a tool to help her learn to open herself back up to her own spirituality - and just a love of life. To experience pure joy and peace.

On a lighter note - last night was totally awesome! I genuinely had a really nice time with the girls. We hung out - had a few drinks - watched a movie - laughed - shared and just really enjoyed the company of one another.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to experience that happiness every day of my life? This is what I strive for!! It took me a good number of years to find my footing on my path - (after spending time trying to locate where the path even is! lol) Now I think I will just enjoy the journey!

I wish you enough!